Sacraments of Reconciliation and First Communion

Sacramental Programme 2019/2020

A very warm welcome to all parents and children to this year’s Sacramental Programme. As we are sure you will appreciate, we are a very busy parish with numerous events taking place in our Church, Parish Centre and Schools throughout the year. As such, dates for the Sacramental Programme meetings are set well in advance to help everyone plan and ensure availability.

All of the meetings and celebrations are important, so we ask parents to make a note of all the dates so that you and your children will be able to participate fully in the programme. We understand that there may be a rare occasion when you are unable to attend a meeting and, if this is the case, we ask that you contact the Parish Office in advance.

We are sure that parents and children will enjoy the whole programme and hope that you will benefit from this opportunity to reflect upon the sacraments your child is to receive as well as the opportunity to reflect upon your own faith journey.


In St Bernadette’s all of the children’s meetings take place in the Social Centre and parent’s meetings will take place in the Lourdes Room.

In St Michael’s all of the children’s meetings take place in the Parish Hall and parent’s meetings will take place in the Church.

Please make every effort to be a few minutes early so we can start meetings promptly.

The following are links to the Diocesan Videos supporting parents and catechists for the Sacramental Programme.

Videos for Parents

Videos for Catechists