St Bernadette’s Social Centre

Hirers are welcome to organise their own catering and banqueting or, if you wish, we can provide you with help and support about how to access this locally through our list of local suppliers.

We have particular rules about catering though which have been put together to ensure proper food safety and hygiene standards are maintained whatever you choose to do. Below is the extract from our Health and safety instructions which summarises the main conditions:

Parties and organisations preparing buffets and refreshments are not permitted to set out food more than three hours before the time of intended consumption and are asked to store at a safe temperature prior to this.

If you intend to organise your own catering we request you refer to the food safety guidelines for such found at

All food waste is to be tidied up and placed in bin bags, taken out of the building and disposed of properly after each event. Absolutely no food or waste is to be left in the building overnight.

We have a range of rules and conditions of use of the facilities whether you want to use the venue for a one-off event or are interested in a regular booking.

Conditions and rules for hire of the function room First we (the centre’s management) would like to tell you (the customer who is hiring our facilities) how welcome you are to use our facilities, however we have some rules and conditions that are designed to improve your safety and comfort and reduce any misunderstandings between ourselves. These are:

A. Licensing times

  • The application for hire, if accepted, is for the event described on the booking form and its purpose cannot be changed without permission
  • The Centre management requires that the bar closes latest by 12.00 midnight or by the end of the time applied for
  • All music and entertainment should cease at 11.30am and the premises vacated by 12.30am latest.

B. Noise outside the venue

  • As the Centre is situated close to our neighbours homes we request that you and your guests make every effort to ensure they are not unduly disturbed by your event.
  • The following are rules and guidelines we have to achieve this.
  • Those going out for a smoke are asked to keep noise to minimum and to go back inside as soon as they have finished.
  • No drinks are to be taken outside.
  • Non smokers are kindly requested not to congregate outside with the smokers.
  • The main entrance and fire doors must not be wedged open other than when loading and unloading.

C. Consumption of Alcohol

  • The consumption of alcoholic drinks by those under 18 is strictly prohibited as is purchasing drink for those under age or bringing alcohol in from outside to consume on the premises. The Licence holder will strictly enforce this rule.

D. Aggressive or threatening behaviour

  • We have a zero tolerance policy towards aggressive or threatening behaviour from guests and users and will take swift action to protect our staff and other users.
  • We reserve the right to shut the bar and request that the premises be emptied at any point in the evening if our rules— particularly those above – are persistently or grossly ignored. Such action will be taken by ourselves without liability or payment of a refund or compensation. Our judgement to enforce this action is final.

E. Food and drink

  • All catering and entertainment arrangements must be agreed with The Manager in advance.
  • All buffet food must be cleared away at the end of the event and must not be left out overnight. The Centre reserves the right to pass on a cleaning cost of £50 if buffet food waste and leftovers are not cleared away properly.
  • All drinks consumed in the centre must be purchased from the centre; anyone found with drinks not purchased from the centre will be required to leave the premises.

F. Deposits and charges

  • A security deposit of £100 is required at the time of booking. Should the event pass off without incident or damage to the Centre undue cleaning being required after the event, the deposit will be refunded in full the following day.
  • The deposit will be kept by the centre in the event of cancellation by the event organiser.
  • The charge for using the premises is required in addition to the deposit described above. Information on this will be provided by the Centre Manager at the time of booking.
  • The agreed fee and deposit must be paid over in full to the Manager with this completed form for the booking to be considered to be accepted.

G. Decorations

  • All balloons should be taken home after the event, all expenses incurred by the centre as a result of any intruder alarm activation due to balloons, will be passed on to the event organiser.
  • Permission must be obtained from the management before any posters, banners, bunting or the like are attached to any of the walls or decorative surfaces in the centre.

The table below shows a breakdown of the rates dependent on the type of event; the rooms you require and the times and day you prefer.

We are prepared to negotiate special rates and arrangements for particular events and causes where there is mutual benefit. Please get in touch for further details.

The rooms are available in any combination to enable groups and individuals to organise a space ideal for their particular needs. The table below is therefore not exhaustive – please call the booking line for a tailored quote. Booking fees are negotiable particularly for large parties, charities and community groups.

Parish groups directly connected to public worship, education or the relief of povertyAnyAny timeFreeFor the definition of a parish group see below
Other parish groupsAnyAny timeDonation according to means 
Private partiesMain room Or LoungeMonday to Thursday£20 per hour 
Private partiesMain room Or LoungeFriday Evening£80Plus £100 damage deposit (returnable)
Private parties  £120Plus £100 damage deposit (returnable)
Private parties  £50Plus £100 damage deposit (returnable)
Charities, community groups and non commercial organisationsAnyAnyBy negotiation depending on status and objects. 
Dance and exercise groups Any time except Friday and Saturday evenings £20 per hourFor Friday and Saturday evenings the rate is the same as a private party

The definition of a parish group is one which is recognised by the parish priest or parish school as such and is either a registered charity or submits an account of its income, expenditure and assets to the parish priest or parish school at least annually.

We will not permit the hiring of the centre by individuals or organisations where the intention or affect of the event is to promote actions or ideas that are clearly contrary to the church’s teachings or the law.

We do not allow eighteenth birthday parties to be held on our premises.

We reserve the right to refuse to accommodate an event (without notice or even after its commencement) if the hirer has deliberately and obviously mislead us to the nature of the event because they know that it may otherwise be refused or to gain a cheaper hire fee. (eg. Stating ‘family party’ when the intention is to hold an eighteenth or a where an event is put forward to us as being for the community or charity when its primary purpose is to make a profit for an individual or business.)

Get in touch to make a booking or to ask a questions

Phone: 0161 766 2116 or 07514541347 to speak to somebody directly

Text: 07514541347 and we’ll call or text you back

Call into the centre: the best day to come in is any Thursday evening after 8.30pm

What’s on at St Bernadette’s Social Centre

St Bernadette’s already hosts a number of events throughout the week;

Monday: Brownies Salsa Dancing (8 – 9.00pm)

Tuesday: Blind club

Wednesday: North Manchester Flying Club (monthly) Rainbows Catholic Women’s League (bi weekly)

Thursday: Irish and folk night

Saturday: Liberal school of dancing (children)

Sunday: Jaeger school of dancing (adults)

The Ward Academy is a professional theatre school for children aged 3-16 years.

We have classes in Whitefield on Tuesdays during term time at St Bernadette’s Social Centre.  Our 3-6 years class is 4.15-5.45pm and our 7-16 years class is 6-8pm.

We offer the three specialisms of acting, singing and dancing and the children learn through an original, creative curriculum. Each half term the children also learn a new theme in each specialism. We also hold a professional production once a year in a professional theatre for our children to showcase their talents.

For all enquiries please contact Melissa on or 07400 032 144. Please also visit our website for more details

The Catholic Women’s League meets every second Wednesday of the month in St Bernadette’s Social Centre at 7.30pm.  

Meet old friends and make new friends.  We enjoy interesting talks on various subjects and trips out to places of interest.

Celebrate Mass or Benediction at our own Salford Cathedral with members of CWL from around the North West. St Margaret Clitheroe is our Patron Saint

All Welcome

We are a ballroom, Latin classical & Modern Sequence school established for 40+ years in Prestwich, teachers qualified with the IDTA. So why not come & join one of our classes in a fun & friendly atmosphere. New classes will also be starting in September.

Drum4Fun at St Bernadette’s Social Centre

Are you interested in experiencing the excitement, vitality and amazing sound of African Drumming?  Or maybe you fancy playing the vibrant, energetic sounds of Brazilian Samba?

Why choose one when you can try both. 

Classes for adults are on Friday mornings at 10am or you can drum the stress of the week away and pop in on your way home from work  at 5pm – a perfect start to the weekend!

These classes, led by music teacher Cath Fleming, are ideal for beginners and offer a perfect opportunity to try out a new hobby, meet new people and learn a new skill in a relaxed, friendly atmosphere.  You can drop in anytime and the hour long class costs just £5.